Update to the Terms Of Service Page:

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We have recently updated the Terms of Service page, particularly the “Domains” section. We no longer offer to register .tk or .co.cc domain names, however we will still host these. As for the new ToS Regarding domains, please read below:


I am happy to set up and maintain your domain name. If you have a preference in Domain Name registrars, then please mention it in the email, otherwise I shall choose a reliable domain host at my own discretion. You are welcome, at any point in time, to have this domain transferred into your own account. If there are any charges to transfering the domain (i.e. to a different registrar), then you must cover these fees.


As for maintaining the domain name, I will send you a reminder 30 days before your domain name is set to expire. You will need to reply to the email I send, and cover any renewal costs.


All money transactions will occur through PayPal. I require any domain name related payment to be done before I can purchase your domain name for obvious reasons. If you are using a paid hosting account, you can either pay the two together, or pay the hosting account’s fees at a later time depending on the set up you have asked for.


Make sure you’re up to date, and read the rest of the Terms of Service. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, submit a support ticket or send us a tweet at @emnhosting.


I hope you’re all enjoying your summer! And make sure you like us on our newly created Facebook page!

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