Update to the Terms Of Service Page:

We have recently updated the Terms of Service page, particularly the “Domains” section. We no longer offer to register .tk or .co.cc domain names, however we will still host these. As for the new ToS Regarding domains, please read below:   I am happy to set up and maintain your domain name. If you have […]

We’re Still Here, and We’re Still Hosting

Hey Guys So it’s been a long time since I last blogged for Enchant Me Not Hosting – the reason isn’t because we’ve been inactive, rather just because there’s not too much to blog about.   I just thought I’d give a huge shoutout to all of our current hostees, and to anyone else who’s […]

I’m going on Vacation

I’m traveling this week, and won’t be back until August 8th. I will check my emails and support tickets as often as possible, however I won’t have my laptop so I will be unable to create any new accounts, reset passwords etc. until I return from my trip. I hope this doesn’t affect you in […]

Grand Opening

Hey Guys! So, I’ve had the “Client Area” up with a coming soon message for quite some time, and I have finally managed to add something to it.   So now, I am introducing to you the Enchant Me Not Hosting Forums! This is, quite literally, an enchanting forum, made just for you. Through this […]

Checking Sites Soon

I have noticed that a lot of sites aren’t following all the rules listed on our terms and conditions page, and as a result, I will be making a check sometime this upcoming week to ensure everyone is following all the rules, and that their sites are still in active use.   If I find […]

The New Enchant Me Not Hosting

  As you can see, the new (and completely improved) Enchant Me Not Hosting is finally up! www.emnhosting.com.   What’s new about it? Well, for starters, the layout has been completely renovated. You can now access more of the site, such as previously difficult-to-find links like the Support link. From now on, if you ever […]

The New EMNHosting

If, for any reason, you are still having problems with your site, please send in a support ticket so I can figure out the problem as soon as possible. As of now, all sites that have successfully changed their nameserves are up and running. Due to the new server that we’ve moved on, I am […]

Everything Is Back To Normal

Hey Guys, I sent out an email last night explaining some new changes. Please make sure you read it, and ask any questions you have. If you didn’t receive the email, then please tell me so that I can send it to you, and add it onto the mailing list. All sites will resume working […]

Recent Downtime

Update: I contacted my host. This is nothing to worry about, and just part of the transfer. If you log in to your cPanel, and see theses errors/warnings, then it means you are on the server. This is probably only true for another day or so though. Update: A client noticed that Softaculous is not […]

Updated Terms And Conditions Page, Added Support System and Live Chat

Since EMN Hosting has recently updated all their packages, and introduced paid hosting for larger packages, I needed to change the terms and conditions so that they can better deal with paid hosting related accounts. The updated rules can be found on the Terms and Conditions page. I have outlined some of the main changes […]

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