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How Can I Install WordPress Quickly?

Solution At Enchant Me Not Hosting, we offer Softaculous with every package. Softaculous is a great tool that lets you install many scripts easily, one of which is WordPress. It also alerts you if a script has an update released, making it a great and easy way to manage your scripts like WordPress.

Log in to your cPanel account, then click on the following link which will take you directly to the Wordpress Installation page in the Softaculous control panel: Click Here to get to the WordPress Installation Page

From here, click on "Install", at the top of the page. This brings you to a page with a form.

Software Setup

Choose Protocol: I recommend choosing http://www here, as it reduces problems that might arise if someone visits your site using http://yoursite.com instead of http://www.yoursite.com.
Choose Domain: This is important to note - make sure the domain that you would like your WordPress to be installed is selected here. If you're a Reseller, you can install WordPress (or other scripts) for other people, just select their domain from the list. Alternatively, if you have subdomains or addon domains in your account you'd like to use, you can choose them here.
In Directory: Here is where you can choose where your wordpress will be located. For example, it can be installed as your home page, so you would need to leave the field blank. Leaving it blank means you can access the cPanel by visiting your site at www.yoursite.com Alternatively you can install it in a subdirectory called "blog", so you would put "blog" into the field. This means, to access the wordpress, you would go to www.yoursite.com/blog.
Database Name: Leave this field as it is

Database Settings

Table Prefix: Leave this setting as it is

Site Settings

Site Name: Here put the name of your site
Site Description: Here put a short description of your site

Admin Account

Admin Username: Put the username you'd like to use to log in to your WordPress dashboard here.
Admin Password: Put the password you'd like to use to log in to your WordPress Dashboard here.
Admin Email: Put the email that you have associated with this website here.

Choose Language

Select the language that you would prefer using.


Once you're done, press the install button.
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