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Here are testimonials written about Enchant Me Not Hosting.

EMN hosting seems awesome! Good work, Aashni :]

- By Ruzeen

I’m not too comfortable being hosted for free but Emnhosting’s warm and very friendly approach makes me feel at ease and not to mention very helpful to any of your queries.

- By Karen

When I needed a new web host urgently Aashni is the one I turned to. Apart from being affiliated with her, and knowing that she is a very reliable and active webmaster and web host, I also knew that she is very knowledgeable and would definitely be the right and most efficient and helpful person to be hosted with.

I knew she was fast, but jeez, I just asked her a question or two about her hosting plans, and within minutes felt satisfied enough to apply for hosting, and within seconds, before I could even type out “I’ll be waiting for your email soon!” She writes and lets me know it’s all set up. How did she do that! it was epic.

So apart from being helpful, friendly, reliable and just overall spectacular, she also gives you everything that you could want in your hosting plans and offers a cpanel with features like softaculous which just enforce your satisfied and happy feeling.

Get hosted today, with a very innovative and incredible host.

- By Natalie

After considering various sites that offer free web hosting – my instint went for EMN Hosting. Thankfully I am gratefull I picked it. Aashni managed to create my site within half an hour, and I was already ready to start editing my site. Not only does she help, but her amazing tutorials managed to help me kickstart my site. The Live Chat also helped as I don’t have to wait a long time for an answer – which meant my site was up real quick. EMN Hosting are fast and professional web host; and Aashni is a kind, helpful and talented person. But great webhosting together with Great owner gives you EMN Hosting. I fully recommened this service as it will never let you down !!

- By James

Aashni is the best host EVER! She’s always responding quickly to whatever problems we have. Even though she’s not familiar with the problem, she’s always there to help and offer her service.

- By Nicole

Enchant Me Not is a wonderful hosting! and it is 100% viruse free and it is 100% free! Also Aashni emails you back with your question answered! I just love this service

- By Rocky

EMN hosting is the best! And the owner Aashni is such a lovely host, and always ready to help!

- By Emma

Why Aashni is cool: Responds fast, very helpful, gives her thoughts, does her best and she is awesome. BE JEALOUS!

- By Amro

I thing the EMN hosting is great! The owner Aashni is very helpful. She always answers quick if you have any questions!

- By rhcp

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